A Dog’s Love Transcends Death

dog, Soul, Harold Klemp, Prajapati, Spiritual EyeBy Harold Klemp

A man had a very old dog, Zeke, who was his special friend.  The veterinarian had bad news, though.  The fourteen-and-a-half-year-old dog had cancer in his abdomen, but no pain.

He’d probably slip peacefully away, said the vet.  But if Zeke developed a breathing problem, it would be time to let him go.

That sad day soon came.  The man and his wife took Zeke to the vet and had him put to sleep.  Zeke was in the man’s arms when he went, literally leaping from that tired old body like a prisoner set free from his cell.

On the drive home, the man’s Spiritual Eye opened.  He saw Prajapati, the ECK Master who cares for the animals. Read More


A Dog Brings Divine Love to a Woman in Need

ECKANKAR, Soul, LoveBy Harold Klemp

A certain woman was considered to be very strong by her friends.  She was the person that others went to when they had trouble in their lives.  But one morning she woke up feeling depressed, lonely, forgotten, and unloved.  Seventeen years ago on this date her father had died, and she had kept her sorrow to herself all these years.

She felt terrible, but she went to work.  Her boss was a very understanding person.  “On a day like this, sometimes it’s better just to forget work,” he advised.  “Go to some special place or talk with a special person.”  And the woman had someone in mind, a very close friend.

When she arrived at her friend’s home, he was painting the garage.  His dog Buck sat next to him.  Buck had always been very unfriendly toward women and very protective of his owner.  When he saw the woman approaching, Buck began to growl.  The dog sat there growling at her as she watched her friend paint his garage. Read More

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