A Visit to Heaven

Fubbi Quantz_internetYaubl Sacabi_internetBy Harold Klemp

Lenny was a seeker.

Years ago, Lenny had gone hunting in a neighbor’s field with his father, brother, and a neighbor friend. Tragedy was to change Lenny’s life. Lightning struck both him and his neighbor, who died immediately. Lenny himself went into cardiac arrest. His brother revived him en route to the hospital. In the emergency room, however, Lenny’s heart then failed again.

The medical staff tried everything in its power to revive him, but without success. Grave, hopeless seconds flew away like falcons upon the wind. Unable to make out a sign of life, the doctor signaled a nurse to pull the plug. As she bent over to disconnect the monitors, the faintest bleep sounded from the EKG. Read More


Finding the Gold

Fubbi Quantz_internetBy Rolando, California

I just came back from three days of visiting the gold country in the Sierra Mountains of California. I was a chaperone for my son’s 4th grade field trip to Gold Rush County. It was educational, fun, and adventuresome! But I also didn’t anticipate being a Vahana for the ECK and a Co-worker with the Mahanta. It was a three-hour drive to the mountains from our home in Burlingame, California. The drive was fun and my son and his two companions were excited.

On the first day, trouble began when a known problem student, “Jeremy,” became unruly. He stole some goods from a gift shop that the group had visited and pushed a teacher after she confronted him. After dinner, he was told to pack up his gear so that he could be sent home. Wow. This is where the trip turns very interesting. It was like the ECK had a surprise job for me. Read More

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