Animals and Heaven

ECKANKAR, Animals, heaven, Spiritual UnfoldmentBy Harold Klemp

Q: When animals meet their goal, do they become ECK Masters the way we do?  Where is heaven?  What is heaven?

A: Souls in animal forms do not get the initiations as we do.  Their spiritual unfoldment is handled in other ways.

Animals can follow their own path to mastership if they want to.  Only through the lower worlds, though.  For example, earth allows several levels for Soul to gain experiences in life, including the mineral, plant, fish, animal, and human stages.

But there’s no fixed spiritual law about a rock having to stay a rock.  Or a daisy staying a daisy.

By choice, though, most Souls want to taste life at all levels.  They do go from the lower to higher body forms.  So animals could move up to human.  Yet that would take many lifetimes. Read More


Life Partners

ECKANKAR, Choices, Youth, SpiritualityBy Harold Klemp

Q: How important is it to date or marry someone in the same religion as me?

A: This life is for the gaining of spiritual experience.

Life partners often—nearly always—reach an agreement with others important to their mutual spiritual unfoldment long before either of them becomes aware of it on earth.  But destiny is not fixed.  Each has to find the other, often sorting through many possible choices.

An ECKist will, of course, consider both ECKists and non-ECKists as a life partner.  Most Souls agree to total amnesia before their return to earth in new bodies.  The reason for that is to avoid old biases and hatreds.  Amnesia gives one a fresh start.

Your spirituality depends upon yourself.  Someone in your religion may or may not be the right choice for you at a given time, so look around.  Ask the Mahanta, the Inner Master, to help you weigh the spiritual advantages of each potential life partner.

Excerpted from Youth Ask a Modern Prophet about Life, Love, and God.


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