Love Serving Love at the Special Olympics

By Katie, California

What an awesome day it was in Davis, California this past weekend. Fun in the sun was had by all: players and volunteers alike. At the end of the day, I truly felt like a co-worker with the Mahanta.

It all started four weeks ago when I was asked to officiate tennis matches at the Special Olympics. To say that I was honored was an understatement. I had never done anything like this before. Yes, I am a tennis player but I have never served as an officiator. Would I be able to do it? Were the rules different? Could I withstand a full day in the heat and sun? Could I give them my best at all times?

I felt a little overwhelmed and unsure of myself. So I asked my husband, Jim, to help me on the courts. I was allowed two ball “boys” or “girls.” These are the people who scurry and clear the courts of balls so that the players don’t fall or get hurt. He said yes to this task. Read More